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As students of color, we understand how important it is to tell our own stories. Our identities have been shaped by navigating the world through the eyes of a cultural minority. In this issue, we wanted to showcase Nebraska’s diverse and minority-owned businesses and communities. We understand that Nebraska businesses are in fact, predominantly white. However, we also know that diverse professionals across the state have their own unique stories to tell.

This semester, we worked together with five outstanding students. Drawing on our varied experiences, we weighed the merits of multiple themes, and as we pitched ideas, a common thread surrounding diversity and cultural heritage emerged. With the help of our Professionals in Residence, we began creating this edition: Nebraska's Mosaic: The Multicultural Business Issue.

We also realized that it made sense to become more multimedia-focused, so in this issue we are debuting photo essays, as well as video and audio storytelling. What’s more, we decided to expand Heartland from its webzine format to include social media, where we will be known as Heartland Pulse. By increasing our reach, we plan to bring more awareness to the stories we tell while giving us more ways to tell them.

With all this, there were still too many stories and too little time, so we plan on continuing to expand on this issue next semester. We hope you will come back again throughout the fall for more on Nebraska’s diverse business communities.

Odelia Amenyah
Jae Coonce


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