From the C-Suite

Monica Messer, Co-founder of DatabaseUSA and President of ResearchUSA

Thursday, October 28, 2021

From the C-Suite

Nebraska has often featured in reports of brain drain, with an estimated 20000 people leaving the state in the past decade. But there are stories of people who not only made the Prairie state their home but created opportunities for others to stay invested.

Monica Messer, Co-founder of DatabaseUSA and President of ResearchUSA, exemplifies this reality.

"I don't think I ever decided to "settle down" in the Midwest. I "ramped up" in the Midwest!"

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

The People, Incorporated

"When you put these footprints down, be very careful because your children are going to follow along." - Winnebago tribal leader Reuben Snake Jr. (named Kee-Kah-Wah-Un-Ga at birth), former national chairman of the American Indian Movement.

Annette Hamilton, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer, Ho-Chunk, Inc. shares the story of the economic development of the Winnebago Tribe in Nebraska and her own story of becoming a self-made Cinderella.

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Lyn Wineman portrait

Thursday, October 21, 2021

At KidGlov, Core Values Drive Business Results

KidGlov has worked to increase their diversity and inclusion efforts, which includes adding men to their previously female-only executive team.

For Lyn Wineman, President: Chief Strategist of the Lincoln-based advertising agency KidGlov, treating her company's clients and people with great care is fundamental. This means bringing in talented people, putting them in a culture that makes them happy so they do great work that makes the agency's clients happy.

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