At KidGlov, Core Values Drive Business Results

Thursday, October 21, 2021

At KidGlov, Core Values Drive Business Results

by Kaitlynn Johnson

Lyn Wineman portrait
photo courtesy Lyn Wineman
Lyn Wineman is the President: Chief Strategist of KidGlov.

KidGlov has worked to increase their diversity and inclusion efforts, which includes adding men to their previously female-only executive team.

For Lyn Wineman, President: Chief Strategist of the Lincoln-based advertising agency KidGlov, treating her company's clients and people with great care is fundamental. This means bringing in talented people, putting them in a culture that makes them happy so they do great work that makes the agency's clients happy.

"We talk all the time about how our core values apply to the work that we do. Our core values are courage, loyalty, determination, creativity, and love. The love is all about the culture and passion for doing great work," she said.

While the agency engages in usual activities like picnics and parties, they have also implemented workflow structures to help improve their company culture.

Throughout the pandemic, KidGlov ran daily stand-up meetings and quarterly surveys so that everyone could interact with each other and feedback could be provided on what needed improvement. As opposed to routine performance reviews, each employee engages in catalytic coaching, where they meet with their supervisor once a month to identify and work towards their individual goals.

Wineman refers to this strategy as "Creative Nirvana."

Additionally, KidGlov has worked to increase their diversity and inclusion efforts, which include adding men to their previously female-only executive team and making sure at least 30% of the individuals they interview for new positions come from diverse backgrounds.

In her role, Wineman oversees the development of strategy for KidGlov's clients and sets the vision for the team. Working in advertising allows her to be both creative and work on the strategic side of business.

"When I was in high school I was a kid that liked all things creative: writing, art, theatre, and I was really searching for how I could make a career out of it," said Wineman.

When it came time for college, Wineman originally planned to enroll at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a theatre major, but after a suggestion from a communications student, she enrolled in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications as an Advertising major. After her internship at Swanson Russell, a marketing communications agency in Lincoln, turned into a full time job, Wineman cemented her passion for advertising.

While at Swanson she worked with many national and local clients, at one point running the web development department and then becoming business unit director. After twenty two years, she decided to stretch her entrepreneurial muscles to pursue her own ideas of clients and culture.

The result? KidGlov.

Beginning operations in 2010, the advertising agency intentionally works with community health initiatives, nonprofits, purpose driven businesses and community banks and credit unions. Some of these brands include Matt Talbot: Kitchen & Outreach, Lincoln Children's Museum, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and Boys Town. According to Wineman, what all these organizations have in common is that they're making the world a better place.

"At KidGlov, we say our purpose is to put the megaphone in front of organizations who are doing good," she said.

Some of their projects include the Department of Health and Human Services' abstinence campaign and the branding and marketing for the Meals on Wheels of Loveland and Berthoud anniversary event.

At the American Marketing Association Awards in Omaha and Lincoln, KidGlov has received top honors as a result of its outstanding work for their clients.

As Wineman looks to KidGlov's future, she hopes to see the agency start to work with clients outside of the state and to help companies use their voice on social issues. She believes many organizations have been sitting on the sidelines for key social issues, playing it safe, yet what people want are brands and activities that align with their beliefs. And as the agency grows and develops, Wineman asserts their foundation will remain firmly on the company's culture and philosophy.

"We treat people and brands with kid gloves, with great care"

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